Why your website should be developed upon a open-source platform?

Main Benefits 


Cost is one of the main factors for most businesses when they build a website. Open source gives you the ability to start small and scale-up. You can add more financial budget to your website as the company generates more profit. This makes sense for both the security of your business and future investment for your website. If you don’t like your open source provider it is often the case you can change with little or no cost. 

Updates and resources

An open-source platform often has enormous assets, if there is a need for a solution someone will develop it. In a proprietary CMS it is often the case that the larger customers and clients are catered to in terms of new development features and upgrades. Open source platforms have a large number of talented developers that can work together to upgrade the community. There is a number of free plugins and themes that can be implemented into your website. 


Open-Source software is not owned by any company or individual, it doesn’t have the barriers and limitations in terms of coding customisation that a proprietary CMS can have. This allows you to customise the code to get the exact functionality you and your users need. The free templates and plugins also allow for quick and easy customisation of your website. 


It is common in the world of coding that open-source coders seek out security flaws and issues to find ways to fix them in order to build their own portfolio. This makes open-source platforms very safe, coders often use open-source software as the building blocks and foundations of security are already well in place. There are multiple communities of developers willing to offer support and advice.