Turn Your Digital Campaign Into A High Performing Machine

5 Ways to Turn Your Digital Campaign Into a High-Performance Machine.

  1. Connect your lead generation directly to your CRM.


By connecting your paid campaign data to your conversion data, you’re now able to set up automated ads and optimizations based on the metrics you use for your particular business. Rather than optimizing for ad clicks or even views, you are now able to pump up bids on the campaigns that are bringing in leads. Just as well, you can also automatically pause campaigns that are pulling in a lot of views but may not be bringing in the purchases you want. By creating automated rules that are based on success metrics, you’ll be able to increase the value and success of your digital campaign.


  1. Utilize segmentation.


For email marketing campaigns, segmenting your target audience can be extremely beneficial. Hyper-segmentation can help your business by improving open rates, revenue, sales leads, customer retention, and deliverability. Customer segmentation is the process of splitting up customers into groups based on specific characteristics so that brands can market to each group more effectively. Customers want a personalized experience, so give it to them!


  1. Always stay in touch.


Top-tier customer experience isn’t going to be possible without some form of long-term and meaningful conversations. Each contact you have with an individual customer will influence whether or not they will continue to be a customer. It’s vital to be in good standing with every interaction. A CRM can help with this. Utilize the information you hold about your customers as a knowledge base and use that information to better relate to your customers.


  1. Use focused targeting.


A CRM holds a lot of customer data, but it also makes it easier to dig through contacts and target customers who could be immensely profitable. It ties into #3, but your CRM can be used to find the customers who should be receiving your best digital campaigns because they are more likely to buy.


  1. Invest in lead nurturing.


Email marketing campaigns can nurture leads and get them to convert. If you have a consistent flow of leads in your CRM, you can then get more information about them and contact them with emails that offer them more value. CRM tools can not only organize your customer information but can also help you identify challenges that your leads have to present the right product or service.