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We are an honest Digital Marketing Agency from London with a team of highly skilled professionals creating your digital solutions in our lab.

Your Digital Lab is a Digital Marketing Agency from London with a difference. We’ve been in the industry for 10 years, working with start-ups, medium-sized businesses and large companies and generating business for them using innovative, effective digital strategies.

Our team brings with them not only academic qualifications in digital marketing but also a wealth of experience in the sector. We’ve worked with SMEs, blue chip organisations, start-ups and large businesses, helping at every level, from early development and growth and managing digital campaigns to aiding marketing executives with content and providing training and consultancy to business owners. We’re a Digital Marketing Agency from London that takes openness and honesty very seriously: whether you’re working with us on a one-off project or on a retainer, you’ll know that we value your business and we’ll work overtime and more to get you and your company the best results.

We’ve been the brains behind a number of award-winning campaigns that have been fundamental in generating new business and building a buzz around a variety of companies. For example, for one client, we designed and operated a large-scale consumer marketing campaign, gathering and building a database of a million consumer records in one quarter. Our approach is hands-on: we embed ourselves within an organisation and take it back to basics to see where sales, awareness and strategies can be improved. We use several skills – creativity, experience and expertise – to combine marketing and technology, to manage information and to create and deliver solutions based on ROI and CPI. Everything we do is based on evidence: we don’t work on a trial-and-error basis, but instead use and study a variety of metrics to make sure clients are getting healthy returns.

We like to fix things. Whether you’re unhappy with work from another supplier, or want us to develop from where a previous agency has hit the limit, we’re happy to step in and take it from there. That’s why we prefer a hands-on approach: because we like to make sure we’re right in the thick of things, to be able to right any former wrongs, to make things easy, understandable and fixable for clients, and to make business processes streamlined and scaleable.

We like to work alongside our clients. The consultancy branch of our business means that we like to work with clients as well as for them. This open approach guarantees mutual success, while making sure that every aspect of what we do is understandable, approachable and transparent.

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