Managing Your Paid Ads


A popular tool for paid marketing campaign ads, SEMrush is great for combining useful competitor research, intricate analytics into previous ad campaigns and running deep link analysis’ on your domains. With a big range of services, such as keyword checkers, automatic site audits and position trackers, you can monitor your paid ads from launch to completion.

Their biggest advantage: Detailed competitor analysis and range of services

Their free account offers: Domain and keyword analysis, daily position searches, site health audit, keywords to track, SEO ideas, keyword magic tool lists, PDF reports and more…

AdWords Performance Grader:

A quick, easy and simple tool that actually packs quite a punch, the AdWords Performance Grader runs a scan of your AdWords account and provides a huge amount of information for you to work from. Looking at your successful and failed ad campaigns, your SEO, and your competitor breakdown, it provides actionable tips and advice on how to improve your PPC and Paid Ads for better and bigger campaigns in future.

Their biggest advantage: A 60 second account scan gives you all of the information you could need.

Their free account offers: Detailed analysis report, account scan, competitor research, tracking data, improvement suggestions, advice on better paid ad campaigns.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Add-On:

One of the most popular social media marketing tools in 2019 is Facebook, with it’s ad service being used by almost every big, medium and small brand on the site. But unfortunately, these ads – if not set up correctly – can lead to big coding errors or warnings, massively impacting the success of your campaign. The error can prevent feedback on traffic, clicks, bounces and conversions – making it impossible to accurately analyse the results of your campaign. The Facebook Pixel Helper is a simple Chrome Add-On that scans for these errors, flags them, and helps you to fix them, getting your campaign back up and running successfully.

Their biggest advantage: Provides an incredibly simple solution for an often forgotten problem within paid advertising Their free account offers: everything! The add-on is entirely free, meaning you don’t miss out on any of its services or functions.

Managing your SEO

Moz SEO Software:

One of the most popular and widely-used SEO programmes available, Moz software is full of useful tools and services to help you produce flawless SEO. Their free services cover keyword research, metadata building, informative SEO resources, link exploration and MozBar metrics for analysing your content. Without even needing to create an account, you can take full advantage of their free tools to create insightful and intelligent optimised copy for your site, ad, campaign or social post.

Their biggest advantage: The user can simply drop in, search for their SEO query and leave without needing to create an account or share any personal data within the site.

Their free account offers: Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, Category Builder, Business Listing Analytics, Metadata Builder, Competitor Site Research.

Google Search Console:

Anyone who owns a domain or URL should be using the Google Search Console. This free console tracks every single piece of data from your site over time – marking every page, link, user search and click for easy and accessible analysis. Offering up the vital keywords used to find your site, the Search Console helps to build up a steady bank of data for you to adopt into your SEO practices, flagging areas for improvement and highlighting the most popular keywords for your business.

Their biggest advantage: The sheer volume of information you can receive over time without paying a penny is a key advantage of the Search Console.

Their free account offers: Everything.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Plugin:

The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a plugin available for both Chrome and Firefox, designed to show you the intricate SEO data of every single page you visit from the toolbar of your browser. Useful for both your own SEO and researching competitors, you can find the number of backlinks, referring domains, traffic and keywords each site has. The toolbar even allows you to access an instant domain rating per site, without ever needing to search for it – perfect for on the spot SEO monitoring.

Their biggest advantage: One quick installation allows you access to a huge amount of data, and could spare hours of lengthy competitor research.

Their free account offers: Everything. All you need to do is download the toolbar on either your Chrome or Firefox browser.

Managing your Social Media Marketing


This handy site (and accompanying mobile app) is one of the most useful pieces of scheduling software available for social media marketing today. Easy and attractive to use, Buffer allows you to schedule your upcoming posts for almost all social media platforms at custom times, alerting you each time your queue becomes empty. With a tab for post analysis, you can check up on the data of each individual post, and schedule posts for approval if working in a team or for a client.

Their biggest advantage: Ease of use and reliable scheduling.

Their free account offers: 3 social media accounts linked up per account, and 10 posts scheduled per account.


UNUM is one of the most visually appealing pieces of kit for valuable social media marketing. A mobile app which allows you to schedule your Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook feed through imagery, UNUM gives you access to your future content in one easy grid. This app is particularly useful for visually driven brands, competition launches or countdowns as is has a seemingly unlimited amount of grids to take advantage of when planning your feed. The app is also uniquely designed to benefit brands working with social influencers, allowing them to see how a particular image, post or influencer would fit into their visual schedule.

Their biggest advantage: Inbuilt editing functions and clean UI for quick planning.

Their free account offers: Data insights per post, audience analytics, 36 grids, post reminders, caption builders, album builders and phantom mode viewing.

Social Oomph:

The unofficial extension of Buffer, Social Oomph is a scheduling site with a huge range of extra services and functions. From creating self-destructing posts, blog posts, social posts and bulk uploads to providing analytics data and insights, it’s a one-stop-shop for social media marketers. With personal and team options, it’s great for freelancers, individual creators, businesses and agencies to use.

Their biggest advantage: Their free ‘personal’ plan offers an enormous amount of services, with unlimited scheduled posts per account.

Their free plan offers: One social profile, basic posting features, unlimited scheduled posts, three posts per hour, free tech support.