7 Digital Marketing Strategies & Tips to Choose Yours for 2021

Covid-19 pandemic continues to change everything about our daily lives. Businesses have done all they can to survive and thrive with a focus on reaching customers digitally.
As we head into 2021, here are seven strategies you can choose from to capitalize on the unique digital opportunities now present.

Search Engine Optimization

For 2021 and beyond, SEO strategies continue to evolve.

With more people on the internet these days ordering food, entertainment, and shopping, you now have better insight about which words your customers are searching for.

You can explore those searched keywords to find the most popular words to create your content around.

Include those words in your website copy too. You’ll give your business a strong presence in that space, and people can find you more easily.


Pay Per Click 

PPC is one of the most flexible and cost-effective forms of marketing available today.

One way you can optimize your PPC advertisements is to begin collecting analytics for them. With more people online now, you have a much greater sample size of people to see how effective your advertisements are.

Your metrics and sales from PPC can offer tremendous insights into how to develop your strategy.


Content Marketing 

You can use the analytics from your website, sales, and other advertisements to offer ideas about presenting your content.

Create content that is searchable and valuable to your customer now. Think about how your product or service might solve problems the pandemic created.


Email Marketing 

Most shopping is online now—so do all you can to create a seamless and unforgettable experience through email. Emulate the feel of making a physical purchase online.

As you create and send emails for email marketing, focus on individual customer experience.


Social Media Marketing 

Use social media to create unique experiences for individual customers. With more active users, people are voicing their problems and challenges.

Your brand can capitalize on social media marketing by reaching out to customers on social media and making special offers. Friends, families, and other businesses can see your activity, which will boost your brand presence.


Video Marketing 

There are more people consuming video content than ever before.

A great way to increase your brand awareness from now on is to reach out to vloggers and other video content creators on Instagram, Youtube, or Tik Tok. Ask them to either run your video ad or speak directly about you on their channels.


Customer Relationship Management 

CRM optimizes how you use your sales data, financial data, and customer data to build the relationship between you and your customer. Whether through software or your own methods, focusing on CRM will reveal how you and your team can retain customers while in a primarily digital format.


Final Thoughts 

The fundamentals of marketing are here to stay, even with pandemic’s unpredictability. You can use the unique digital environment the pandemic created to capitalize on digital marketing opportunities. Online is the space to optimize and thrive for business in 2021.